$199.00 Alarm Deal plus $14.25 weekly for 36 months - Paradox SP4000 Alarm Installed

Equipment included in the Kit:

>      1 x Paradox SP4000 Hardwired 8 Zone Alarm Panel in a Metal Cabinet with 4 On Board Zones and 4 ATZ Zones, includes 1 x Dialer and 1 x Transformer

>      1 x LED Keypad as pictured

>      1 x IP150 APP Module

>      1 x 7.0 Amp Hour Backup Battery

>      3 x Paradox Pro Passive Infra-Red Detectors

>      1 x External Siren

>      1 x Internal Top Hat Siren

>      Installation Included

>      Full Three-Year Warranty including Parts and Labour

Key Information:

>      For the APP to operate you must have an ADSL or Fibre Internet Connection

>      The APP is Insite Gold which costs $35US for 3 Years and is paid by the client

>      If you have No internet connection, we will replace the APP Module with a Cellular Dialer

>      Extra Detectors and equipment can be added

>      The Equipment is owned by you once all payments have been made

>      You must Pass a Credit Check carried out by us

>      This alarm may not be suitable for all homes

>      The Deposit of $199 must be paid prior to installation

>      2 sequential weeks of $14.25 weekly payment amount must be paid before installation

>      Email gilbert@alarmwarehouse.co.nz OR Phone OR Text us on 022 0133791 with your Full Name, DOB, Address and contact numbers

>      If the alarm is not suitable for your home, OR you fail the Credit Check then we will refund you your $199 Deposit along with any weekly payments made within 7 days

Price: $199.00

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