Bosch Smoke Detector Kit


>      Includes 1 x F220-P Detector & 1 x F220-B6R Base

>      Ministry of Education Kit

>      The Bosch F220-P Photoelectric Smoke Detector uses the light scatter technique using a pulsed infrared source operating with a gated high-speed photodiode infrared sensor and a symmetrical optical chamber that allows uniform 360-degree smoke entry while increasing immunity to external light

>      The F220-P detectors are UL Listed; open-area Photoelectric Smoke Detectors designed for use with commercial fire protective signaling systems and household fire warning systems (refer to NFPA 72, The National Fire Alarm Code)

>      By utilizing low-current electronic circuitry, the detector can be connected to a wide range of power source circuits

>      4 wire base with power supervision

>      One Year Warranty

Price: $239.00

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