Paradox IP150+ Internet Module


>      Paradox IP150+ Internet Module to control and monitor a Control Panel through an IP network. Compatible with Spectra SP series, MG5050 and EVO Control Panels

>      Requires No programming

>      Goes to Swan Server

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>      SSL support for sending secured emails via a secure sockets layer; a protocol for encrypting information over the internet

>      HTTPS support for improving security (hypertext transfer protocol secure; a widely used communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network)

>      Two I/O's on board; controlled via the web interface, triggering an email

>      Event log on web interface; displays last 64 events

>      Easy installation; built-in clip for mounting in a metal box

>      Report control panel events via IP to the Paradox IPR512 GPRS/IP monitoring receiver

>      Control and monitor a control panel through an IP network (LAN/WAN/internet)

>      Compatible with SP series (V2.10 or higher), MG5050 (V2.10 or higher) and EVO control panels

>      Use NEware or Baby Ware (V2 or higher) to access your system through the Internet

>      Receive notification of system alarms via email

>      Arm/disarm individual partitions via web browser

>      View live status of all zones and partitions (e.g., open/ close, arm/disarm, troubles and alarms) via web browser

>      Paradox My Home available for dynamic IP address

>      Very low bandwidth consumption

>      Supported language: English

>      One Year Warranty

Price: $225.00

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