Paradox NV35M Indoor/Outdoor Window and Sliding Door PIR


>      Paradox NV35M Indoor / Outdoor Window & Sliding Door PIR

>      The NV35M provides a superior outdoor and indoor solution for windows and sliding doors

>      The detector is optimized to discriminate false alarms triggered by small birds, cats and dogs

>      The detector has two operation modes: Pet Immunity Mode protection is provided for outdoor windows and sliding doors measuring up to 7.5 x 2m. For indoor applications, pet immunity can be optionally switched off to provide Sharp Mode protection with enhanced detection for indoor windows and sliding doors up to 10 x 2m

>      Pet Immune detection

>      Anti-masking - Active IR detection for sprayed liquids and blocking items up to 30 cm

>      Integrated creep zone detection

>      Relay Output

>      One Year Warranty

Price: $249.00

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