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Nowadays, the question of a burglary is not a matter of “if” it might happen but “when” it is going to happen. Count how many alarms are installed in the properties around you or how many are in your street. The more there are, the more of a target your property becomes. Burglars do not want any hassles therefore they will choose the least protected property to break in to. The one thing everyone says after a burglary is that they wish they had installed an alarm.


The standard alarm comes with two detectors. One is installed in the main living area while the second detector is installed in the hallway to cover most of the doors leading into the side rooms. An outside siren is installed on the front of the property as a deterrent. Stickers are provided for the windows as an additional deterrent.

An inside siren is installed, often in the hallway, to scare a burglar away quickly. Getting the burglar out of the house quickly, helps prevent the mess and damage that can happen when a burglar has time to wander around a home. The main componentry which drives the alarm is in a box called a panel. A keypad is installed near the main entry inside the property.

Often, fire can be more devastating than a burglary which is why we include an electronic smoke detector, at no extra cost, when you order through this website. You never need worry about checking its battery because it is wired directly into the alarm panel and it can be monitored, as well.


This whole package can be installed for you for only $995


Includes a FREE ELECTRONIC SMOKE DETECTOR when ordered through this website


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