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Looking for a job? Need money to pay those bills? Then start right now to make $50!


We will give you a $50 Voucher from any major supermarket of your choice simply for giving us the name and phone number of a person or business who needs a security alarm and who buys it from us. Obviously, the contact you give us, must install a security system from Alarm & Camera Warehouse and as soon as they have completed the transaction we will send you a $50 Supermarket Voucher.


Ask your friends, family and everyone you talk to if they need an alarm. Put it on your Facebook page. It's simply a numbers game - sooner or later someone will say YES! All you need to do is call us on 0800 723-373 with their name and phone number and we will take it from there. It couldn't be easier. It will be the easiest $50 you ever make.


Need help to get started? Then call us to receive free coaching from experienced sales professionals. They will guide you in the first steps to find your first referral. Call Now: 0800 723-373.


AND IT ONLY GETS BETTER: because we will give your contact a fully monitored alarm FOR FREE as long as they agree to pay for the monitoring for 36 months.


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This offer is available for most places in New Zealand although there are some areas and some types of houses where we cannot install alarms.