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In these conditions:
“Agreement” means the terms specified and these conditions of contract
“The Company” means ALARM & CAMERA WAREHOUSE LTD, or VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMS LTD and all other trading Names and Companies in the Alarm & Camera Warehouse Group of Companies.
“The Client” means the person, firm or company to whom this agreement is addressed.
“The Equipment” means the equipment as specified in the Schedule of Equipment / Services in the Sales and Service Agreement.
“Services Supplied” means any Services as specified in the Schedule of Equipment / Services Supplied in the Sales and Service Agreement.
“Services” may include Alarm and Vehicle monitoring provided by third party providers

No contract for the supply and installation of Equipment or for maintenance, monitoring, servicing, communication service supply or data storage shall be made except on these conditions of contract and any terms proffered by the Client are hereby excluded. Quotations remain open for acceptance for three months from the date of the quotation, unless earlier withdrawn by the Company. This Contract may be cancelled by The Company if the Client fails the Companies Credit Requirements. In this situation The Company will provide notification in writing to the client.


  1. The Company or its agents agree to sell and install and The Client agrees to purchase the Equipment and or Services for the price stated and on the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing. These terms and conditions are also listed on the company web site and where there are variations between these terms and conditions and those listed on the Company Website the terms and conditions herein appearing take priority over the terms and conditions listed on the company web site.

  2. The Company or its agents shall install and supply, when required, the Equipment as listed in the Schedule of Equipment/ Services Supplied.

The risk of any loss, damage or destruction to the Equipment shall pass to the Client from the date on which the Equipment is located on the premises or vehicle in which it is to be installed. If the damage, destruction or loss occurs prior to the risk passing to the Client, the Company may promptly repair or replace the equipment or cancel this contract in respect of that equipment without penalty or compensation being payable to the Client.

The Equipment Price as quoted is based on the costs of labour, materials, freight, insurance, customs duties, exchange rates and other levies and charges. If the Company is unable to procure any particular component of the Equipment as specified in the Schedule of equipment, or supply any Service as specified in the Schedule of Services Supplied then the Company shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute a substantially similar component of a different make or manufacture or if a service is being provided from a different supplier.


  1. The Client may pay by cash, cheque, electronic funds transfer (in the way of cleared funds) or enter into a rent to own or ongoing lease finance arrangement (if available).
  2. Payment of the Equipment Price (or where progress payments have been made, the final balance thereof) shall be made within 7 days of the date on which the installation of the Equipment is completed (“the Installation Date”), unless different payment terms have been arranged.
  3. When the Client purchases an Alarm system that is an “Ezy Pay” Package with a fixed term monitoring contract, the Alarm is an operating lease and the Company retains ownership of the equipment.
  4. When the Client purchases a Product that is financed over a fixed term, the agreement is a Rent to Own Agreement unless otherwise specified and the ownership of the equipment passes to the client at the completion of the final payment.
  5. Ownership of the Equipment shall remain with the Company until such time as the Equipment is paid in full and if such payment is not made pursuant to the terms hereof the Company shall, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies be entitled to repossess the Equipment and hold it until payment in full has been received, or at the Company’s discretion re-sell the Equipment and recover any deficiency on resale plus the costs of repossession from the Client. The Client irrevocably authorises the company to enter its premises by any means to repossess the equipment.
  6. The Client is bound to this Agreement and must pay all costs involved (including but not limited to the costs of repossessing the equipment and arranging and executing collection of the said equipment)

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