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This Pack Includes:

A 4 Zone Hardwired Alarm Control Panel with on board Dialler.

2 x Passive Infrared Pet Detectors

1 x LED Keypad

1 x Internal Top Hat Siren

1 x 3.0 AH Backup Battery

1 x Plug Pack

3 x Window Stickers

Full Installation


This Pack is FREE* with a 36 month Monitoring Contract at a rate of $35 per month.


*Conditions Apply

*Ownership of the alarm hardware passes to the client at the completion of the monitoring contract.

*A live analogue phone line must be maintained for the length of the contract.


If you have a digital phone line, VOIP or no phone line at all then we can set up the monitoring for an additional cost of $100.00 plus an ongoing maintenance charge of $4.50 per week.


Additional Pet Detectors and Smoke Detectors are available at a reasonable price.


Call Now to arrange Installation.

Ph. 0800 723-373